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3 Ways That From:Auntie Changes Gift Giving As We Know It.

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

From the beginning, From : Auntie had two underlying themes: to help families and friends find more thoughtful ways of celebrating milestones, and to push the importance of saving and investing.

Get ready, because Auntie is going to change the game of gift giving. Here are a just a few of the ways:

  1. Funding - Birthdays, graduations, first cars, even prom. Memorable, yet often costly milestones. What if parents could set up funds for these important milestones? How many times have you been asked for gift ideas for your child's upcoming birthday? Or for Christmas? From : Auntie allows you to set up a collection that loved ones can send funds to.

  2. Investments - How about giving the gift of investment? No knock on gift cards, because they're often well intended—and super convenient for gift givers and recipients alike—but imagine purchasing a savings bond and assigning it to your loved one with just a couple taps on your phone!

  3. Choices - From : Auntie gives you so many choices right at your finger tips. Still want to send a gift card? No problem! You can do that too! Cash? Yup! Split the decision and do a little of both! The app allocates your choice of gift to the intended recipient. Once they receive the From : Auntie insert (like the one pictured in this post) in the greeting card you've given them, they just have to download the app on their phone, and scan it. It's that easy! Now your loved one can see the running tally of their gifts, transfer the cash options out, spend their gift cards, or watch their funds and investments grow!

Be on the look out for more From : Auntie products at your local retailers!

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