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Get Rid of Last Minute Gift Shopping Stress Once and for All!

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

From : Auntie Insert
From:Auntie Insert

Life just keeps getting busier and busier for all of us. Do you find yourself weekend after weekend running from party to party, shooting into stores and grabbing whatever gift card you can get your hands on the quickest?

What if you could purchase a gift just as quickly, but with a lot more love in it?

Sure, you could plan better by purchasing gifts in advance of parties, but let's get real for a moment because most days zoom by in a blur. The chances of most of us having time or energy to purchase gifts after a long day's work, is very likely slim to none.

What about buying online, you ask? Sure, that's always an option. But, Auntie gives you something better than that. How about giving the purchaser options that make them proud of their choice? What about giving the purchaser more control over how the gift is used? Wouldn't it be great to help our loved ones find more ways to save money?

That's when From : Auntie formed! Now, when you are in a rush for a gift, you don't have to make the gift seem rushed too.

From : Auntie products come with QR codes, that can be easily scanned using the From : Auntie app.

  1. Enter your recipient.

  2. Choose your gift (cash, investment, gift card).

  3. Select how you want it dispersed.

  4. Send and done!

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