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Offering families great last minute gift options and businesses increased revenue opportunities on the gifts purchased.

Need a little more info before partnering? Read below or contact us.

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How exactly does my business make money?

When you sign up to partner with us you'll be asked to create an account on our partner portal.We will create unique QR codes just for your business. This will ensure that every From:Auntie product that sells from your business will allocate a percentage of the gift's value to you.


How do greeting card businesses sell your inserts?

If you own a physical gift shop, carry our products. If you have an online business, list our products as a recommendation to go with their purchase. If you produce greeting cards, consider co-branding with us and adding our QR-Code inside.

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What are inserts?

Inserts are From Auntie products that have our unique QR-codes printed on them. From Auntie inserts are available in various form factors: bookmark-sized inserts, checkbooks, stickers, From: Auntie reusable gift cards. 

We'll even have our very own greeting card line launching soon!

How much money are we talking about?

The greeting card industry is a $10 billion industry. Yet, the money that is often tucked inside as a gift is on average $200 million in annual untapped potential revenue. Here is a chance for greeting card businesses and shops to get a cut of it.  You can expect anywhere from 25-40% added revenue.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

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