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We Get It!

Busy families need an easier way to buy gifts.

Who has the time to plan ahead? Online shopping isn't always convenient.

In-store pick-up?? That's just one more stop you don't need.

How about we skip the store and bank altogether!

Heading 6

We've been there too!

Weekend birthday parties gang up on you as you juggle an already packed weekend of activities.

Sometimes last-minute is the only minute we have.

You should be able to buy great on-demand gifts. On the spot. Wherever you are!

app 1st screen.png

That's why our app will be life changing!

We created this app because we were tired of feeling like we were giving thoughtless gifts because we were in a rush.

We were exhausted of wrangling the kids from the house to the car to the store right before birthday parties.

Find great gift ideas for kids or adults, friends or family.

All in one app!

FromAUntie Heart_edited.png

How does it work?

Great gifts for everyone in a few easy steps.

Download the app.

(And get your first order of inserts FREE!)

What are inserts again?

Select a gift.

 (No more store or bank runs!)


Scan the QR code.

(Skip if your gift is digital)


(Send it digitally

or give them the insert. Done!)

Secure a Win!

Your gifts will be secure and are sure to be loved by your friends and family. Use our app and stop stressing out over weekend birthday party invites. There will be plenty of running around at the party, you don't need to add running before the party.

Not Just For Birthdays...

Check out the gift ideas below!

Wedding Gift Ideas

Let's be real, that happy couple doesn't need crystal drink ware. They need a financial boost! A great idea for married couples would be cash, and you don't even have to stop at the ATM. 

(Coming Soon- From Auntie Gift Registry!)

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Savings Gifts for the New Babies in Your Life

At From Auntie we think it's important to teach children how to save for the future! Remember Savings Bonds? Well, the From Auntie app will have Savings Bonds 2.0. Personalized gifts with better returns for their future endeavors!

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Gifts for Grandkids, Just Because!

One of the best gift ideas for kids is to teach them to save money. Our app gives the sender the option to control how and when the money is disbursed. Imagine saying, "I want to give my grandchild $100, but I only want her to spend $50 and save the rest." With From Auntie, you can do just that! Help them save for their first car or prom! Those are the gifts that get remembered!

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The College Student

Young people are entering the workforce with more debt than ever before. They have goals and you can help them achieve them with From Auntie gifts. 

  • Their first car

  • Prom

  • Senior trip

  • College tuition

  • Care packages (Gift Cards)

  • You can even fund their lunch money

So many gift options for young people!

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Housewarming Gifts

Gift cards and cash are perfect gift ideas to celebrate a new home. We have the most popular gift card choices on our app. Want to know one of the best features behind our gift card option? The gift card can be stored in the app by the recipient until they are ready to use it. No more worrying about forgetting a gift card at home!

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Gifts for Dad

USA Today confirmed that dads get worse gifts than moms. Less is spent on them and they often get gifts they don't particularly like, save the adoration they may feel if it comes from their kids. Dads are awesome, so get awesome gifts for dad in the From Auntie app. Gift cards, cash, and more!

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Gifts for Mom

The From Auntie app makes it easy to give mom what she wants. Easy and quick gifts to make mom feel special. Make it even more special by sending your digital gift with a personalized message.

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Exactly what I was looking for! I'm a last-minute gift giver so this app makes it so easy to send money (and the gift inserts are awesome!). The holidays are going to be much easier this year!   - Gr8odinsraven

This app is awesome! Convenient and super easy to use. Love the savings feature too, a great way to teach kids about investing for the future. - Jwixed

Member of

Online shopping doesn't always make holiday shopping easier. I just end up overwhelmed with keeping track of deliveries, finding places to store them, ordering the wrong gift. This app finally changes all of that. Really awesome gifts and with their inserts I always have a gift in my house whenever I need one! Great idea! - KPhilfy2

Coming Soon!

Online Shop Coming Soon!

An Insert for All Occasions!

Insert for Any Occasion

Birthday Insert

Christmas Insert

Hanukkah Insert

Graduation Insert

Wedding Insert

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Insert Images

Stack up on greeting cards!

FromAUntie Heart.png

Online Shop Coming Soon!

Keep a stash in that catch-all drawer we all know you have, and you'll never have to run out for a gift again!

It's: The card that is the gift!

From Auntie Greeting Card
From Auntie Greeting Card
From Auntie Greeting Card
From Auntie Greeting Card
From Auntie Logo
From Auntie Logo
From Auntie Greeting Card
From Auntie Greeting Card
From Auntie Logo

And this could be you with a little more time to relax!

Family Relaxing In Bed With Coffee And N

Take back some control over your weekends!

No more last-minute gift shopping stress.

No need to run to the ATM to give a cash gift.

No worrying if you forget the gift at home.

No waiting for checks to clear if you give money.

No stress over multiple birthday party invites.

No wait for shipping.

No need to leave home to get the perfect gift.

Nobody wants to...

Continue to run around like a crazy person to buy a gift in a rush.

Continue to be stressed out over finding the perfect gift.

Continue to curse at yourself for forgetting another gift at home.

Blur image cashier with long line of peo

Go from stressed and overwhelmed gift shopping the old way...

Happy international young family with li cool and collected gift shopping the new way

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