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How Parents Can Get their Weekends Back

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Weekend, a quick google search draws up this definition: the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening, especially regarded as a time for leisure. Leisure? Not exactly accurate for so many of us.

Weekends have become an extension of the work week but with a different set of tasks and bosses (our kids). Uber should pay us for all the taxying we do for our kids to get them to sporting events and birthday parties. If you're like most parents, you probably buy a birthday gift on your way to the party. Whether you do this because you don't have the time to plan these things out, or because you've grown used to the anxiety that comes with rushing your kids to the store and then the party; you should know that you no longer have to.

Imagine having the perfect gift for any party or occasion already in your home when you need it. It's not a pipe dream! We've got the app for that! The From:Auntie app and inserts make this dream a reality. Order a pack of inserts and stash them away in your home and when a party sneaks up on you, all you'll have to do is use our app with the inserts to give the perfect gift. As described on Maturing Mama's blog, this app is life changing!

Our inserts use QR code technology to make them the most convenient way to buy gifts. The app offers cash, gift cards to your favorite stores, saving, and investment gift options. Just pick your gift and scan the QR code; in seconds you'll have an awesome gift and you never had to leave home to get it.

Online shopping has changed how we make purchases, but we don't always remember to order gifts in time for parties. Sometimes, the order goes wrong. How many times have you placed an order only to receive the wrong item, the wrong size, or you're just not sure if they'll like it?

There are always gift cards, you think to yourself. But you go to the store and scour through the gift card section only to see options that just plain suck. Who wants to give a kid a gift card to a fast food joint? (From:Auntie offers fast food gift cards too, just in case you do want that option). Can you get gift cards online? Yes, but sending an electronic gift card can be a cold way to show someone that you care. That's why we have paired our app with physical inserts. Take out one of the inserts you stashed away, pick your gift and scan that insert, and there you have a physical gift that you can hand over to the recipient. Your loved one just has to scan the insert with their phone to receive the gift. So easy!

You can tuck the insert in a greeting card or give the insert as a stand alone gift! The inserts are beautifully designed to give as is and you'll find one to match any occasion. From:Auntie even has its very own greeting card line and reusable gift cards, each QR ready for you to use with the app!

So, do yourself a favor, download the From:Auntie app and take back some of your weekends! Get rid of the stress that comes with last-minute gift shopping once and for all.

From: Auntie QR Code

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